#1994-97 • Västerby (1 of 2)

More pixels and EXIF at Flickr

Location on map

Creative Commons: Some rights reserved

This photo consists of four images stitched in Autopano Pro. I could not fully capture the smooth silky green texture and soft light of the field. And the panorama doesn’t entirely show my view of the field and the dark forest. Jim Radcliffe has better words for the process:

“I guess I always strive for a ‘unique light’ look, for lack of a better way to describe it… I like photos that make you want to touch them. I dodge, I burn, bump contrast, saturation, curves, etc.. To get my vision of the photo.. often the very original is quite drab in appearance. Most cameras do not capture what we see. What I try to do in post-processing is to add what the camera could not capture.” Jim Radcliffe (In the Sigma dpreview forum)

In this case I would like to concentrate and crop the image and boost some colours and saturation. Thanks to the image quality in the Sigma DP1 (using RAW-files and Sigma Photo Pro), it is possible to tweak the image and come somewhat closer to my view and feeling of the location. This is more like I saw it


One response

  1. I like both pictures. They give an impression of the field so you can almost smell it.
    I prefer the first one for the very good composition. The dead trees and the sky gives a good contrast to the field.
    On the other side. I like the colours in the second picture.
    You ask which of two pictures we prefer, and it is not easy to answer. It would be much harder to choose from all your very good pictures. Thank you for sharing them with us.

    July 20, 2008 at 11:21 am

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