The Candle Light Image

0673 The Candle Light Image

Ulf Bodin

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When I first became intested in photography for many years ago (mid 70’s) I read a lot of photo magazines and National Geographic. One image that I saw and remember from that time is a candle light portrait advertisement illustrating the light gathering capacity of a f/1.0 or f/1.2 lens. Then I really wanted one such lens and I found that huge piece of front glass beautiful. It was a Leica or a Canon lens. Expensive. Out of reach for a kid.

Yesterday my new wide angel lens arrived. Still absurdly expensive. But you only live once. This is my first test snap-shot. And I can confirm the advertisement – candle lights ISO 800, F1.4 and time 1/125 works…

Use this image if you like it!

It’s licensed with a Creative Commons – Attribution Noncommersial No derivate works license.


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