M/S Tranan (1935)

0839-41 M/S Tranan (1935)

Ulf Bodin

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This is not a photo from Svalbard. This is how it looks in the center of Stockholm right now. Lots of snow and ice. But no Polar bears in sight.

Some data about the ship (source):
Tranan (Kongebybet -70, Kirsten Piil – 43)
Build 1935 in Helsingör Skibvaerft
Length 33.86 m
Width 6.0 m
Draft: 2.5 m
Engine: B&W Alfa Diesel 405 FLO 300/330 hpr
Speed: 11 knots

Stitched Panorama (3 portrait images – hand held – Autopano Pro 2). ISO 800, f/2.2, 1/40 s.

Use this image if you like it!

It’s licensed with a Creative Commons – Attribution Noncommersial No derivate works license.


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